Marco: today I’m almost certain I moved the coronavirus in February

Advisor to Red bull Motorsport Helmut Marko expressed his confidence that without consequences suffered coronavirus in February. 74-year-old because of age is at risk.

“I had a very bad cold with severe cough in the middle of February. The illness lasted ten days, unusually long for me. Today, I’m pretty sure that the cause was a virus.

I got it when we were at Dubai airport on the way from Melbourne. There were tens of thousands of people from different countries. All crowded in a confined space. A coughing. For me it would be ideal to be infected with the coronavirus there. Of course, if my body won’t have developed immunity to that moment.

So, if I have had a virus, it would be fine to tell this to all the elderly. They are also able to deal with it. Need less to sow panic and to maintain a reasonable approach to pandemie”, — quotes Marco F1-Insider.


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