March 12, World of Tanks will appear “Battle pass”

“Battle pass” will now be associated not only (and not so much) with Dota 2, Fortnite and Apex Legends – March 12, 2020 in World of Tanks will be your Battle Pass. The first season will run from 12 March – 10 June- during this time players can get extra rewards just by taking part in random battles.

Each season in the “Battle pass” will be designed for three calendar months. Players can earn points progression and to move through the levels of the “Combat badge”. Points will be awarded not only for wins but also defeats.

Video is available in the official account of World of Tanks on YouTube.

Progression system “Combat badge” consists of basic and high-end pieces with 45 and 100 levels. After passing through the 45 levels of progression the player will have a unique 3D styles for the technique of “Object 277” and Super Conqueror, and commander of three additional skills.

Before reaching the 45th level, players will have the opportunity to obtain captured equipment, as well as days of premium account, credits, items, customization and other valuable in-game assets. Going to elite progression, players will receive an interactive badge “Elite Chevron”, indicating the achieved level of “Combat badge” and the opportunity to gain valuable in — game currency bonds.

12 марта в World of Tanks появится «Боевой пропуск»

Photo: World of Tanks

At any stage it will be possible to acquire a improved pass for 6500 gold. With improved pass, you will get extra rewards, including milestones, if you have purchased a pass after their passing.

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