Marcela Holanová: What helps her overcome her worries?

Marcela Holanová: What helps her overcome her worries?

As has already informed, the health condition of the singer Marcela Holanovánění is the best. What helps her in the current situation?

The singer underwent a hip replacement last year, but the pain still did not leave her. According to server moreover, is not shining for better times yet.

According to a well-informed source of the mentioned website, the health is not very good and someone still has to help her while walking. This was also confirmed by her friend Marcela Březinová, who, according to her words, shows almost no improvement.

Yet he does not abandon his passion, and for good reason. Although she walks on stage with great difficulty, the spectators give her strength. “The audience can still charge me. I’m fine when I can sing,” she said

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