Malinowski: Who thinks that the coronavirus is a joke, you idiots

The player urged everyone to stay home.

Малиновский: Кто думает, что коронавирус - это шутка, то вы идиоты

Ukraine midfielder, and Atalanta Ruslan Malinovskiy live in Instagram spoke about the situation in Italy.

“Two nurses in Italy has committed suicide! It is difficult to see so many deaths. Everything I write about Italy on the Internet is true. So sit at home!

Who thinks that the coronavirus is a joke, you idiots. Watching programs about the sea, and that everywhere one negative,” said Malinowski.

As of the morning of March 30 the number of infected COVID-19 worldwide exceeded 770 thousand people. Died of disease 37 thousand, and cured at 160 thousand.

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