Majors: khokhlachov can’t prove himself in the fight. That’s his main problem

Two-time Olympic champion Boris Mayorov commented on the exchange, Sergei Shirokov are on Alexander Khokhlachevaby the “Avant-garde” and “Spartak”.

“Bargain for “Spartak”. Shirokov I’ve always liked — the modern type of winger. Sergey has good speed, he likes to dribble, knows how to fight for the puck. When Shirokov holds the puck, to take it pretty hard. Plus he consistently shows high performance. And would that Sergei has a sort of “hockey man”. It’s not about age, but about personality. And this is just what Spartak needs right now. Not to mention the experience of battle in the playoffs.

As for Khokhlacheva, it is surprising that Alexander from a young age served very high hopes, but it never showed itself properly. Although I was waiting for this from him every season. Let me remind you, khokhlachov began his career in “Spartacus”. But before he could not acquire that skill, and even the muscles, it is elementary to gain weight, went overseas. There had not specified. Guess, Alexander do I need to link good partners and friendly relationship with the coach. And who in the NHL such conditions on a silver platter to the young player will bring? There once and in any situation you need to show yourself, will not long endure. A couple of times I played badly — go to the farm club.

After returning from America, khokhlachov got into SKA. But in St. Petersburg in those years was a powerful and skilful team, the team Cup was won. In the end, there, too, was delayed, was forced to return in “Spartak”. But here, with him in the end decided to leave. This is a classic example of a player with high potential, which every year are waiting for something. But instead of joy, getting frustrated.

The main problem Khokhlacheva, in my opinion, is that he loves to play in the “empty” ice, and in the struggle can not Express themselves. But now that every game that is constantly playing on “pure” goals is simply impossible. Will find you and force you to fight”, — quotes the words Mayorova “Match TV”.

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