Maddison is a Half-Life Alyx: 48K players in the peak of the release is just shameful result

Popular Russian streamer and blogger Ilya Davydov Madison changed his mind, criticizing the developers of the game Half-Life Alyx. A couple of days ago Maddison praised the game, saying that Alyx looks cool, considering it’s VR, where good games don’t come out.

“And yet the numbers speak for themselves. Only 48K players in the peak of the release is simply a shameful result for the game series half-life. It is clear that valve is full of attendants, they can experiment, but it is a complete failure. VR will remain completely unpopular expensive Pribluda.

It is obvious that these helmets are unnecessary and ****** purchase any normal person, when you consider that, in addition to a 15-hour Alyx, there’s nothing like the game and never will be” — quoted Davydova “Canobie”.


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