Luana Belmondo : how she learned that she was no longer the fairy godmother, Jade Hallyday

Luana Belmondo : comment elle a appris qu'elle n'était plus la marraine de Jade Hallyday

The tv presenter and radio Luana Belmondo, aged 48 years, was delivered to the Gala on her life as a wife and mother in this complicated period. We also asked about his falling out with the one that was one of his best friends : Laeticia Hallyday.

It is in the midst of a crisis of health for the coronavirus, prior to the entry into containment of the whole of France that we interviewed Luana Belmondo. When called on the phone, Luana, is in the process of storing… his kitchen. This is where she concocts a thousand dishes, a passion that she did, ten years ago his profession, revealing her knowledge of first tv, the radio, and in books. His emphasis that you tickle the ear, is instantaneously enter the sun in your life. A native of Rome, the wife of Paul Belmondo tells us about his love of life, of being together, and sharing. Core values in this turmoil.

While asked about his well-tempered character, she lets go spontaneously : “I tend to want to control the lives of the people around me, my goddaughter…”“Your god-daughter Jade (the daughter of Laeticia Hallyday) ?”, will we respond with amazement. Because if Luana Belmondo, then godmother Jade, and Laeticia Hallyday were the best friends in the world, they are angry since the disappearance of Johnny. The reason for this quarrel ? Luana would have made support a bit too pronounced for David Hallyday and Laura Smet. But Luana was talking about the other goddaughter, since she no longer sees Jade. “I learned in the press that Jade was no longer my goddaughter. But she remains in my heart”, she explains with his natural softness.

About Laeticia, it was no longer new “for a while”. If Luana admits to having “the sentence”, considering that“a friendship is like a breakup,”she can see things with philosophy : “life has so decided. Respect the choice of the other has taken over. Resilience is the only way to accept”. Of which act.

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