Long hair, ring, biker… When Didier Raoult ironisait on her look

Cheveux longs, bague de biker… Quand Didier Raoult ironisait sur son look

Unknown to the general public there is still a week, professor Didier Raoult, divides the scientific community. As per its recommendations for the fight against the coronavirus that by her look totally out of place.

Charlatan to some, idol for others, including Eric Country as he explained on a video, Didier Raoult bother. For several days, his proposal to care for the sick of the coronavirus with a drug, chloroquine, has opened a wide debate in France. Donald Trump quoted in example, hundreds of patients throng to the university hospital Institute (IHU) Méditerranée Infection that he manages to come take the test for the coronavirus and, if necessary, to receive the famous treatment miracle, which has so far not passed all the stages of clinical trials. Fellow scientists Didier Raoult are shared, the political class too,where he has many detractors, such as Agnes Buzyn. An adviser to the government entrusts the Parisian : “ It’s crazy. Raoult, in the eyes of the people, it is the Jesus Christ of the Twenty-first century. If you cornerisez, is that you try to silence them”.

Beyond its recommendations against the current, Didier Raoult denotes with his beard, his long hair, his rings biker and his side big mouth. What a close friend of Emmanuel Macron, confirms : “If he had short hair, small-rimmed spectacles and a tie, he would not have been the object of this ostracism. They would have had to test his treatment earlier, instead of pinching the nose like a snobby Parisians ! “.

A journalist of Provence, Hervé Vaudoit, was one day asked about the reasons which led him to adopt this style so special, so distant the suits and ties more common in the middle. “Because it sucks ” he would have replied Didier Raoult. He did not believe so well to say.


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