‘Loki’: These are the biggest questions left after the season finale

‘Loki’: These are the biggest questions left after the season finale

Marvel-series Loki is over after six episodes. But the series poses a whole bunch of big questions about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So let’s dive into that.

Today we list the seven biggest questions the series gives us. In the finale, the Marvel universe changes forever. The multiverse opens up and shows that we are entering a whole new era in the franchise.

The biggest questionsAll right, let’s list the seven biggest questions.

1. Where is Sylvie?

Sylvie throws open the multiverse at the end of the series, by killing He Who Remains. We don’t see her after that, so where is she?

2. What happened in the new timeline?

Loki ends up in a new version of the TVA, where Mobius and B-15 do not recognize him. He also sees a gigantic statue of Kang the Conquerer. That means the question now is: What happened in this timeline?

3. Is Kang the new Thanos?

Kang is supposed to be the next Thanos, but is that for sure? It almost has to be, if you look at He Who Remains’ explanation of the multiverse and the way he closed the gates of other universes to his own?

4. Did He Who Remains Tell the Truth?

He Who Remains tells a comprehensive story about the multiverse and the TVA. With his death, all timelines would get mixed up again and that actually seems to be right. But is it really so?

5. Where is Ravonna Renslayer?

It is not clear where Ravonna will go at the end of the final of Loki. We see her walk through a time door and she wants to restore free will. But how?

6. Where are our Mobius and Hunter B-15?

At the end of the episode, we see that Mobius and B-15 no longer recognize our Loki. But where are they then? What happened to them?

7. What does the multiverse mean?

Because the multiverse has been thrown open completely, the question is how it will continue with the Marvel Studios franchise. Old characters can now return in different form, but how far will the studio go?

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