Lobster Dinner at Maison Grandi-Ose: a goal of $ 45,000

Trois-Rivières – Responding annually to the needs of some 150 families in the Mauricie region, Maison Grandi-Ose invites the public to its annual lobster dinner on Saturday, May 18 at 5:30 pm at the Bâtisse industrielle de Trois-Rivières. But already, it can count on a major partner, the Kruger plant in Trois-Rivières, which, in addition to handing over $ 5,000, sees its director general Sylvain Houle take the honorary chair of the event. His goal? Raise $ 45,000 by attracting 500 guests.
“This activity allows the organization to raise the funds needed to provide families with access to quality services at affordable costs. Kruger Packaging is proud to participate in this event and our team will be helping to support the organization, “commented the one who said he was touched by the cause.

The mission of Maison Grandi-Ose is to promote the development of the autonomy process for children and adults living with a physical or intellectual disability or with the autism spectrum. It offers more than 22,000 hours of respite for families. In Mauricie, no less than 10% of the population lives with a disability, that is to say nearly 27,000 people.

“By providing a variety of activities, including family respite, our goal is to improve the quality of life, break social isolation and provide respite from home for these individuals and their families.” explained the chairman of the board of directors, Bryan Paris.

For this 12th lobster dinner, Maison Grandi-Ose offers an improved formula. In addition to enjoying lobster at will or beef sirloin, diners will be offered a comprehensive selection of wines selected specifically to match the menu of the evening. For entertainment, the On TV musical group will liven up the dinner and liven up the evening. The cost of entry is $ 120 and a tax receipt of $ 60 can be issued for each ticket.

Kruger plant

In addition, at Kruger Packaging, the fully rebuilt paper machine for the production of 100% recycled high-quality linerboard, the MP10, is on track to meet the expected daily production forecast for 2020 of 1100 tonnes metric a day. The director of the Gene-H.-Kruger Boulevard plant, which employs 340 people, admits, however, that it is a cyclical market, giving the example of “a difficult winter that did not encourage consumption”.

And in January, the Trois-Rivières plant delivered its first batch of thermomechanical pulp (PTM) bleached to the Wayagamack plant, which allowed the latter to expand its product portfolio by now offering a wide range of products. specialty papers in a variety of whiteness.

Over $ 40 million has been invested in the construction of the TMP peroxide bleaching plant in Trois-Rivières and the work that has diversified production at Wayagamack.

Launched in September 2017, the Kruger SPEK project is a three-year initiative aimed at developing new markets for the Brompton, Wayagamack and Trois-Rivières plants.

The project is part of the company’s strategy to diversify its offering by developing complementary products to its portfolio.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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