Lisée has offered twice the leadership of the Parti québécois in Hivon

Lisée a offert deux fois la chefferie du Parti québécois à Hivon

Photo: Peter McCabe Archives The canadian Press
The former head of the parti québecois Jean-François Lisée and his colistière Véronique Hivon during the last election campaign

Jean-François Lisée offered, not once, but twice, the orders of the Parti québécois to Véronique Hivon in the 10 months preceding the elections. Refusing to be crowned, the member for Joliette replied ” No ” and ” No “.

“Each time, the plan was just not the road,” explained Ms. Hivon during an impromptu press Friday afternoon.

Episode 1

Mr. Lisée is considering for the first time the ability to bend the spine in December 2017. The PQ is in trouble. Less than ten months of the general elections, the political training collects 19 % of voting intentions, shows a survey of Light-Duty broadcast on 9 December. Only 10% of the voters think that Jean-François Lisée would make the best prime minister.

The member for Rosemont has no coast no longer with supporters pq members : half of them do not believe that it is the “best” to assume the responsibilities of head of government.

In the aftermath of the publication of the stroke of the probe, Mr. Lisée is launching quietly to Ms. Hivon, on the sidelines of a meeting of the general staff of the PQ in Montreal : “I believe that you need to get ready to become leader of the Parti québécois. “Ms. Hivon agrees to think about it.

“She and I are in disagreement on the method of his landing,” says the former head the independence movement in The News. He does not want a new race to the chiefdom which he dreads the outcome. “I decided to stay,” he wrote.

Véronique Hivon explained Friday that it ” stay[t] do not agree at all with the plan.” “I’d thought that Alexandre Cloutier [unsuccessful candidate races to the chiefdom of 2015 and 2016] should be involved in the discussions “, she told press.

Episode 2

At the end of June 2018, Mr. Lisée returned to the charge with Ms. Hivon. “My hope was that his burst in the first plan would change the dynamic. His presence in the debates désarçonnerait François Legault, Philippe Couillard, and Manon Massé. In any case, I would stay as support “, says it in The News.

The elected of Joliette, high vice-chief of the PQ a few weeks ago, declines a second time, the offer of Mr. Lisée. “It made no sense, launched Ms. Hivon Friday. There would not have been means to endorse this change of leader. “

According to it, the appointment of a new chief (interim) at the approach of D-day “might give an impression of panic” in addition to powering the “cynicism” of the electorate against the political class. The elected parti québécois says he has no regrets. It is now in the “reconstruction” of the independence movement.

A new book for Lisée

Many strategists have been surprised to learn in The News the invitation to Ms. Hivon access, without leadership, at the head of the PQ.

Some are considering now to buy the book Who wants to the skin of the Parti québécois ?And other secrets of politics and the media — what they refused to do so until today. The book of Mr. Lisée, edited by ” La boîte à Côté “, to be published in time for the holding of the next national Council of the PQ, in march next year.


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