Liepaja Concert Hall will feature popular rock ballads – immortal hits in symphonic sound

Liepaja Concert Hall will feature popular rock ballads – immortal hits in symphonic sound

LSO representative Iveta Vēvere reports that the concert will provide a vivid look at rock and heavy metal music of the seventies, eighties and nineties. Listeners will hear compositions such as “Deep Purple”, “Smoke on the Water”, Swedish rock band “Europe”, “The Final Countdown”, “Kansas”, “Dust in the Wind” and other hits.

Meanwhile, LSO will paint them in a new, gorgeous sound.

Equivalent concerts conducted by Gintars Rinkevičs were recorded with great enthusiasm not only in Lithuania, but two years ago the audience greeted such a program in Liepaja with genuine applause.

“The music of these performers illuminates an entire era of music, which created the musical tastes of several generations. The largest audiences, millions of recordings sold and crowds of fans around the world – all this proves that these musicians were important elements of cultural history. Their songs became an integral part of every music lover’s life, and their lyrics are still sung by thousands of people. Not surprisingly, music critics doubt that the world will ever experience artists of this level. In this concert, listeners have the opportunity to experience it all live! ” says maestro Gintars Rinkevičs.

With this concert, the new South Kurzeme festival “Rimbenieks” will come to Liepāja, which bears the name of the long-term mayor of Liepāja, founder of Liepāja Opera, People’s Conservatory and Art School, as well as Liepāja Philharmonic restorer hospitality of people, meeting in summer concerts and enjoying the passionate play of Liepaja musicians.

The first concerts of the festival have already been performed in the picturesque places of the region, but there are still concerts in Vecpils and Aizpute, in Priekule, Grieze and Grobiņa, as well as in several glorious Liepāja concert venues.


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