Less screen time and more exercise, the proposal of pediatricians for the prevention of ADHD

Moins de temps d'écran et plus d’exercice, la proposition de pédiatres pour prévenir le TDAH

Photo: Pedro Ruiz The Duty
Reduce the time spent in front of screens would help to curb the development of ADHD.

After having recently launched a warning against the over-consumption of medications to treat the diagnoses of attention deficit disorder/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), pediatricians are now proposing solutions, including reducing the time spent by the youth in front of screens, and video games.

After their letter of the 31st January last, the pediatricians write this time that studies have shown that the misuse of video games may foster the emergence of symptoms of ADHD, or to widen the scope.

They propose, therefore, that an awareness campaign be planned and that, like what has already been done in some schools, the prohibition of the use of cell phones and tablets in school settings to be applied, except for educational purposes.

In their letter published on Monday, pediatricians add that more physical activity should be offered at the school, 30 to 45 minutes per day, as this should improve the concentration of those who have ADHD.

The doctors also propose to improve access to psychosocial services and to draw up guidelines on the disorder of attention deficit with or without hyperactivity. They suggest the establishment of an advisory committee.

In their letter of 31 January, 48 paediatricians who cited data from the national Institute of excellence in health and social services (INESSS) claimed that the rate of prevalence of consumption of drugs to treat ADHD were much higher in Quebec than in the rest of Canada. In 10-12 years, on account 13,97 % of young people who use drugs psychostimulants in Québec ; a rate that rises to 14.5 % among 13-17 years old.

In the rest of the country, the rates for these same age groups are hardly 5,08 % and 4.3 %, respectively.

One of the signatories of the two letters, Dr. Guy Falardeau, stated that the danger of extensive use of drugs is that, in some cases, mask a mental health problem. The doctor of Québec pointed out that the emotional problems, emotional, and social were to be paid for and that it was not necessary to change the behavior of children who suffer with medications.