Launch of a magazine on Quebec sovereignty

The Independent Quebec Movement launched Wednesday evening at the Pantoute bookstore, the magazine “Yes I want it!”.
Through this magazine that wants to be 100% independentist, the editorial team led by Nathaly Dufour wishes to address major themes dear to Quebecers to demonstrate the relevance of an independent Quebec.

“We want to explain independence as something that is embodied and not just a principle. Yes independence, but embodying it in great aspects of everyday life “, justified Ms. Dufour.

Speaking of immigration, the environment or the economy, the magazine wants to show that the Republic of Quebec could do things that are not possible right now by being in Canada. According to Ms. Dufour, the goal is not to speak of independence as “an old idea”, but as a subject of the day.

“People are interested in all these subjects, but not necessarily in independence. But independence speaks of immigration, of the environment. If we stay in oil Canada that goes against what we, as a population, want, and we saw again yesterday with the election of a Conservative government in Alberta that says, “We we have to go through our pipes at your home, “she hammered.


The magazine is available in paper and digital format. For the first year, four numbers are planned. “We asked ourselves the question for paper. We thought we were going to try it and we did well because during the first weeks, 3/4 of the stock was sold in bookshops, “said the editor-in-chief of Oui je le want !.

The magazine is funded by sympathizer contributions and advertising. “We launched a crowdfunding campaign that allowed us to reap the necessary amount to start and subscriptions are going very well,” said Nathaly Dufour.

M me Dufour also argues that an independent Quebec Movement wants to nonpartisan political party and that it is for all people interested in the independence of Quebec.

The magazine is sold on newsstands at a cost of $ 7.95.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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