Latifi believes that it is unfairly referred to as a rent-driver

Pilot “Williams” Nicholas Latifi convinced that “won” a place in Formula 1 thanks to his talent and not sponsorship package that he brought to the team from grove.

In the season 2020 Latifi needs to debut as a combat pilot “Williams”. He was replaced in this role of pole Robert Kubica. According to rumors, sponsors of the British team paid € 30 million Most part of these money came from the company Sofina Foods, which is run by the father of the racing driver Michael Latifi.

To this day the most significant success of Nicholas in Motorsport became the second place in the championship of Formula-2 in 2019. So many were quick to hang a label on it rent-driver.

“The reality of Motorsport is that it’s expensive. To racing, need financing, be it family support, personal sponsors or something, but the money always come from somewhere.

I think that the FIA knowingly introduced a Superlicense. These scores allow you to keep from falling into Formula 1 random pilots. Obviously my results in the last years allowed to recruit a sufficient number of them. I feel really deserve a place on the starting grid of Formula 1″ — quoted Latifi Planet F1.

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