Lasica died after vaccination, he joined the StB. The conspirators are abusing the actor’s death

Lasica died after vaccination, he joined the StB. The conspirators are abusing the actor’s death

Places of reverence are emerging in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Slovak high-ranking state officials are also grieving. Their numerous condolences clearly show how great Lasica’s personality was. At the same time, however, there are people on the Internet who do not shy away from abusing the artist’s death. In just two days after Lasic’s death, the Slovak authorities had to refute several hoaxes.

As Milan Lasica was one of the first people in Slovakia to receive a vaccine against coronavirus and generally promoted vaccination against this disease, conspirators and opponents of vaccination began to attribute his death to vaccination on social networks. The pathologist refuted the unsubstantiated claims. His statement was published on its profile on Facebook by the Slovak Ministry of Health. “We call on opponents of the vaccination not to abuse Milan Lasica’s death,” ministry officials wrote.

Michal Palkovič, a pathologist and director of the section of forensic medicine and pathological anatomy of the Slovak Office for the Supervision of Health Care, stated that Lasic’s death was related to his long-term health problems. “We have reviewed this case and we can clearly rule out any connection with vaccination. Mr Lasica was vaccinated on 3 February. With the consent of his immediate family, we can publish that he was treated for a long time due to heart problems and died on stage due to heart failure, “Palkovic explained.

Attack on Lasica and Satinsky

Internet conspirators also began spreading lies about Lasico’s life on Monday. A user named Ludovit Vicena wrote that Milan Lasica and Július Satinský were collaborators of the StB. Status began to spread rapidly in dubious Facebook groups. Within a few hours, the allegations were refuted by the Slovak police on their special Facebook profile Hoaxy and Fraud – the Slovak Police. “Slovak conspirators have now completely succumbed to the moral bottom. No, neither Milan Lasica nor Július Satinský were collaborators of the StB, “the police wrote on Facebook.

The “evidence” for the conspirator’s claim of cooperation with the StB was to be a record downloaded from the website of the Institute of the Memory of the Nation. “The status user published a photo from the Registration Protocol of the Agency and Operational Associations of the State Security and Military Counterintelligence and did not forget to point out the names of Lasica and Satinský as estébák without first verifying what the Registration Protocol is actually talking about. It is necessary to pay attention to the marks in the registration, which document the categories of collaborators and victims of the StB. As you can see, the names Milan Lasica and Július Satinský have the designation PO. PO was the file of the inspected person, it was introduced in order to collect documents of a verification nature for persons in terms of their danger. It is therefore clear that both artists were considered to be screened or dangerous people, “the police explained on the social network.

Milan Lasica was oppressed many times by the former regime, including Satinsky, who was banned from working and was not allowed to perform for several years.


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