Larry Tremblay, the man who juggles projects

“I feel like a child. I have lots of projects going on, “says Larry Tremblay towards the end of the interview. Barely back from an extended stay in Europe, the author from Chicoutimi projects the image of a juggler for whom happiness is proportional to the number of balls he can rotate between heaven and earth.
P mong records seeking his attention, the most intriguing is that of the opera based on the novel orange grove. It must be created in October 2020, at the Monument-National de Montreal, and it is the Champs Libre companies that wears it on his shoulders.

The staging will be performed by Pauline Vaillancourt, while the music, still under construction, will come from the composer Zad Moultaka.

“Pauline Vaillancourt wanted the music to have an oriental color and its author to be French-speaking. Since Zad Moultaka is from Lebanon, we would like to present opera there, “says Larry Tremblay. He notes that his booklet is the second work made from the novel. It is shorter than the play, which itself was shorter than the work released in 2013.

In Kiev in May

Still, about L’orangeraie, Chicoutimien will take part in a signing session in Kiev next month. The purpose of this tour is to mark the release of the Ukrainian translation of this story featuring twins Amed and Azid, whose grandparents were killed by a shell. Other versions – Turkish, Greek and Arabic – will follow in the near future.

“I am particularly pleased to see that we are working on an Arabic translation. It makes me proud, since they are rare, Western books available in this language. But there is already a version in Hebrew, “says Larry Tremblay.

It should be noted that the text does not mention the place where the orange grove takes place, even if the vast majority of readers associate it spontaneously with the Middle East.

Youth Theater

Meanwhile, a creation of the Theater Le Clou, the boy with the missing face, continues his career on the stages of Quebec. Four years after its inception, this show will be presented at Pierrette-Gaudreault Hall in Jonquiere on May 10th.

It is aimed at teenagers and adults who are told the story of a young man who was shocked by the kidnapping of his father, a humanitarian worker. One morning, his mother discovers that he has no face.

“This is a magnificent production, based on a reflection on identity. And I’m happy because a comic book will appear in 2021, published by La Bagnole. It is the Belgian illustrator Pierre Lecrenier who proceeds to the images, “says Larry Tremblay, whose enthusiasm also embraces the children’s play Marco Bleu. Inspired by another of her books, Not even true, she is for 5 to 12 years old.

“The Théâtre de l’Oeil premiered in February at La Maison Theater de Montréal. The central character is a little boy who has a lot of imagination. Because he feels abandoned after the birth of his sister, she brings him to a planet where there are just Saturdays and Sundays, where it is his party every other day. This is a reflection on the possibility that there are other worlds, “states the playwright.

The soldier’s eye is the first work of Larry Tremblay published by La Peuplade. The publishing house based in Chicoutimi, the writer’s hometown, found the right way to present this poetic tale articulated around two texts entitled History of the Left Eye and History of the Right Eye. She has done a publishing job that takes the reader to the rhythm of a train that rolls pretty fast.

“I was in no hurry to publish. It was necessary to find the most appropriate form, the idea of ​​the train. It is for this reason that I inserted a quote from Blaise Cendras, an excerpt from Prose du Transsiberien and the little Jehanne de France, a book published at the beginning of the 20th century. Like him, I tried to produce a poetic narrative by letting me guide the rhythm of the train, “he says.

Aligned to the right of the pages, the columns of words are so narrow that their reading is done at a great speed. Even when taking its time, one keeps turning the leaves, as if the feverish spirit of the narrator was become contagious. This still young man realizes, at a given moment, that he lost control of his life as a result of a pact with the Devil.

“That’s what we’re talking about in History of the Left Eye, where we see that the guy got blown away. He who has acquired the power to change sex and condition by blinking remains stuck to soldier status. He’s going to kill people, “says Larry Tremblay. In the second text, on the other hand, we are in the words of hatred. I use this experience to talk about the war.

He reports that the gestation of The Eye Soldier has been long. It took several years to carve these sentences, which stems from the literary genre approached in favor of this project. “Poetry is the place where I question language. Therefore, it was done in small doses, and the two poems read like a story, “notes the Chicoutimien.

He believes the book is sound, designed to be read aloud. And History of the Right Eye has generated another work, a play called Cantata de guerre. “It’s extremely violent. It has been played even in Africa. It shows that poetry can bring us elsewhere and at home, it seems that everything ends with theater. Even my novels start with dialogues, “notes Larry Tremblay.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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