Kvyat: I keep myself in shape, but not going to become rocky Balboa

Russian racer “alpha Tauri” Daniel Quat spoke about the training during a forced break in Formula 1.

“Of course, I keep myself in shape, but I don’t exercise all day. I’m not going to become rocky Balboa. At the same time, it is a great distraction in the current situation.

Dreams? I have had the honour to be on the podium. Logically, my next goal will be winning the race. And, of course, every racer of the Formula 1 dreams of a world title.

Moment with a podium in Hockenheim was beautiful. There were moments when I doubted that he would return to Formula 1. For me it was a triumphant return in the role of a combat pilot, so the podium in Germany was for me a real victory,” — quoted Kvyat Speedweek.


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