Kvartalnov: could finish the championship, but it wouldn’t be the Cup

The head coach “AK the Leopard” Dmitry Kvartalnov commented on the decision of KHL to finish ahead of the current season.

“It’s the right decision, the sports component is gone when the two teams left in the playoffs – we have a international League. Different options were offered, but I still didn’t understand – Yes, could finish the championship, but it would not be that Cup. Of course, sorry that it happened, but health is more important. We to the League reacted with understanding and respect, this is correct. I am sure our fans will treat this with understanding.

Felt whether an alarm among hockey players? Probably not anxiety, but the situation in the world and the country is changing every day – stop production, people don’t take to the streets. We all have relatives, loved ones, and it is the psychological aspect. The guys have families and work, when the head is filled with something else, very difficult”, — quotes the words Kvartalnov press service of “AK Bars”.


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