Kurnosov: Umark is a whole era in the history of “Salavat”. We plan to spend it

General Director of “Salavat Yulaev” Alexander Kurnosov commented on the departure of Linus Odarka from the club, and also spoke about possible wires to the player.

“I can tell you that Linus is still at the end of last season, said the next will be the last in Russia and he will do everything to win the Gagarin Cup. Umarco want to say thank you for the professionalism, he never served a number of on-site, always given the game and has always been active in other club’s Affairs. It is a whole era in the club’s history. Primarily played his desire to leave and play in another League. Perhaps because of the family, because children are already growing up may have been other moments.

He was a systemically important player on the ice and beyond. I do believe that omark are the best footballer that played for such a long time in the League. He is a real star, we’ll miss him. We have a preliminary agreement with Linus. I can’t say exactly what it will be. We talked to him to adequately hold it. We want to come to our preseason tournament. We will try our best to conduct it with dignity, as befits a man who for many years held in the club”, – quotes the words Kurnosova “Gorobor.ru”.


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