Kubica: “Alfa Romeo” will be difficult to fight with rivals in 2020

Test pilot of “Alfa Romeo” Robert Kubica shared his thoughts about the upcoming season in 2020 Formula 1.

“I think the competition is very high. Hope I’m wrong, but some teams managed to achieve great progress and they will be difficult to fight. I felt the progress in Barcelona, but I am still fans of another era in the history of Formula 1. I don’t know why.

I think it may happen that in the top five cars of the Mercedes is greater than two.

Me in the last two or three years was considered the best racer, but now people think I’m a second slower than the others. But this will change because I’m actually not slower. I can’t judge myself, but now my role is different from that of a combat pilot. We have different statuses. People hired me because I rely on my experience in the development of this team”, — quotes Kubica Przeglad Sportowy.

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