Kristin Gjelsvik and Dennis Poppe Thorsen:

Kristin Gjelsvik and Dennis Poppe Thorsen:

Blogger and influencer Kristin Gjelsvik (34) first became known when she participated in “Paradise Hotel” in 2012. There she met Dennis Poppe Thorsen (30), who was also a participant.

Sweet music quickly arose between the duo, who this year have been lovers for a full nine years. In 2016, Thorsen decided that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Gjelsvik, and thus went down on his knees and betrothed during a vacation to Las Vegas.

Reveals ultimatum for several children

Since they have managed to become a parent of Falk (2). However, there has not been a wedding yet.

After the courtship, the couple told See and Hear that they wanted to get married where it all started – in Mexico. However, this will not be the case. The couple has finally started wedding planning in full.

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Going abroad

Last week, Gjelsvik was able to reveal to his over 200,000 followers on Instagram that they have now set a date – and this time it is serious.

“This place is everything I dream of, and had it not been for the weather in Western Norway being quite unstable, we would no doubt have gotten married here!” she wrote, among other things.

To See and Hear, Gjelsvik can tell that the date for the wedding is set for August 2023. They have set the destination to a more tropical place.

– There will be outdoor weddings in Spain, in Altea or L’Albir. We have been and looked at locations, but have not landed on anything special yet, she says.

– Has chosen to cancel the wedding

If everything goes according to plan, the “Paradise” couple will be husband and wife in two years. However, Gjelsvik is happy that she now has plenty of time.

– We have seen through this covid year that time flies by, so it’s great to have plenty of time to plan what will be the dream wedding.

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The afterparty is ready

The reason why the couple chooses to get married in the Altea region should be that they are well known there. The influencer has himself vacationed there with the family almost every year since 2010, and when she met Thorsen he must have joined the load.

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Gjelsvik expresses that it will be a big wedding, with both friends and family present.

– It’s going to be big! The bigger the better. It will only be a happy weekend, so we will invite everyone we love, she says.

– She wants a whole football team

Although the place and time are set, they are far from finished with the planning. It has just begun, according to Gjelsvik. They still have the afterparty ready – it will be held on the party island Ibiza.

– We actually had plans to get married there, but I have a mother who is in a wheelchair, so we take that into account and make arrangements, Gjelsvik says to Se og Hør.

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Gjelsvik and Thorsen are not the only couple who met at «Paradise Hotel», who have created a family and are waiting to become husband and wife.

Also Elin Bergius (28) and Christian Fredrik Trælnes (27) has plans to forge in the hymen’s chains. The couple met during the recording in 2015, and in February they were trebarnsforeldre when son Mio was born.

They also have the two daughters Juni (5) and Belle (4).

The couple was actually getting married last summer, but due to the pandemic, the wedding was brought forward to August this year. Recently, however, Bergius was able to reveal to See and Hear that they now has canceled this year’s wedding, and do not know when in the future they will marry.

Here is the “Paradise” couple’s new home

“After much deliberation, we have chosen to cancel the wedding,” she told See and Hear.

The choice is based on the fact that one still does not know what the corona situation looks like after the summer. The couple wants to make extra reservations considering that half of the guests come from Sweden. Bergius himself is Swedish.

She still assured:

– We will still get married, but when, how and where, is not planned.

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