Kravchuk: in Montreal empty shelves in the stores never noticed

Two-time Olympic champion Igor Kravchuk told how to comply with the quarantine people of Montreal

“What is the current situation in Montreal? Calm. Prevention measures taken, the people they met, so the tense situation in Europe, no. Public events are held, including sports, but this is not news — seasons in North America has been interrupted. This concerns not only the NHL but also the NBA and major League baseball and other major competitions. So everyone is waiting for, disappears when the threat of infection.

It is calculated on the consciousness of residents. In principle, I can’t say that there are some problems. People are free to move on the street, but many wear a protective mask. Although I personally while in the open air do not see the point. Still, the threat of the spread of this virus is more related to a closed space, whether any building or public transport. So, for example, banks are now simultaneously passed no more than five people. But public transport functions still work and the metro, and buses. And the buses at the time of the quarantine, made free.

What other relief measures introduced? Free Internet and long distance service. If you’re connected to the canadian operator, and a mobile phone within the country can talk for free. In addition, the duration of the quarantine we have free access to Netflix — you can watch movies and TV shows as they want.

Is there enough food in the shops? About cereals heard that they go quickly. But I can only talk about Montreal, since I live there. Maybe in new York or Moscow there is such a problem, but in Montreal the empty shelves in the shops were not noticed and my friends also complained. Except that in the evening, sometimes snapping up commodities. But by morning, imported new, and you can buy all you need when the stores open. By the way, at the entrance to hand out disposable hygienic gloves to touch the food that you buy with your bare hands” — quoted Kravchuk “news”.


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