Kokorin interesting Lazio and 4 European clubs. The family of the player wants to live in Moscow

Striker “Sochi” Alexander Kokorin, whose rights belong to “Zenith”, attracted the attention of several European clubs.

According to journalist Sergei Egorov on his YouTube channel “Football scores”, the 29-year-old football player interested in Roman “Lazio”, “Genoa”, “Valladolid”, “Fortuna” as well as “Marseille”, the interest of which was told by the player himself.

In this case, the obstacle to the crossing of Alexander into one of the leading European Championships could be his family that wants to live in Moscow. In this regard, if the striker will remain in Russia, most likely his signing will be the “Locomotive”. It is also possible that in the struggle for the player will join “Dinamo”, which he performed early in his career.

Earlier the commentator Gennady Orlov said that Kokorin wants to get one of the Spanish clubs.


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