Kidnapped man who traveled 24,000 kilometers finds his son | Viral photo | China | United States | Hong Kong nnda nnrt

Kidnapped man who traveled 24,000 kilometers finds his son | Viral photo | China | United States | Hong Kong nnda nnrt

A Chinese father reunited with his son in 1997, 24 years after being kidnapped by human traffickers outside his home in Shandong at the age of two. Guo Gangtong He traveled the country for 24 years and rode more than 500,000 kilometers on a motorcycle, each with a photo of his son Guo Xinjen with two posters, which he still fondly remembers.

Almost after an Odyssey Quarter of centuryThis tireless father achieved his goal. The moving meeting took place in front of the local police station last Tuesday. In Social media, The related hashtags have been read Hundreds of millions of times, And many more send greetings to them through their key accounts.

Anne 2015, History of research Guo He also promoted a film for his son, “Lost and in loveThe mega-celebrity star Hong Kong Andy Law. Love He said he felt it on Tuesday. ”Very happy and inspired“By calling on the public to support the government’s campaign against human trafficking.

After years of thanks for DNA testing, Guo Xinjen helped police identify his son (Photo: CCTV)

Now that they have found my son everything can be happy now“, he said Guo To local media, he will eventually see the couple raising their child. “Family members”. One in this story Happy ending, There are many more that are not yet available for proper closure.

the Child abduction There is a problem with China For decades, thousands of children have been abducted by traffickers every year. But officials say that with this help New technologies And that BiologyMore and more families are joining them in recent years.

Voyage Guo Her missing son was also injured. He does this shortly after his son is kidnapped. 24 ans, Guo Began to travel more than 20 Chinese provinces Looking for clues. He suffered fractures in traffic accidents and damaged other 10 bikes.

Like Guo Xinjen, many parents were able to find their children who were victims of human trafficking (Photo: CCTV)

It wasn’t until I hit the road looking for my son that I felt like a fatherHe once told Chinese media. His diligence attracted attention Media And won the respect of the public. Anne 2012, When Social media Began to be seen all over China, Helped create a website to help other families search for lost families.

the Ministry of Public Security of China He said his police force ultimately helped identify the identity Syngen By experiences ADN. They said they arrested two people suspected of kidnapping Syngen Anne 1997.

This is a photo of Guo Xinjen traveling almost all of China in search of his lost son on his motorbike. In fact, he broke 10 people along the way. (Photo: video surveillance)

According to local media reports, Syngen He was kidnapped while playing alone in front of his house September 21, 1997 A woman was identified by police only by her last name Pliers. She and her boyfriend immediately sold the two-year-old to a family in a neighboring province Henan.

Syngen Who still lived Henan When police told him his father had been looking for him for so many years, local media broke the news. Young man 26 years Now he is a teacher and finally, after so long, he met his real father.

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