Khudzhamov: Until the end of the year, will survive, not all clubs

The player is not sure that some teams will be able to master the effects of coronavirus.

Худжамов: До конца года доживут не все клубы

Goalkeeper Rustam Khudzhamov Mariupol said that some Ukrainian clubs will not be able to survive the effects of coronavirus in Ukraine.

“For instance, in Italy we see that the neglect of coronavirus has led to dire consequences. I would not want such in Ukraine. Forced pause formed not our fault. This factor came from outside.

I would not want to risk the fans in the stands. I think by the end of the year, not all clubs will survive. Many were in a bad financial situation before. And when the country everything stopped, where to take the money? They’re not materialists out of thin air?

The money will be less, and more problems. The salaries of the players and the club employee has not been canceled. To reduce wages is prohibited by contract. So I think that there will be losses at the club”.

The goalkeeper also said that the current season is to finish.

“Good, you need to play the championship game by a sports principle, but there is a force majeure. To risk the health of people,” said Khudzhamov.


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