Kempe: not seen the issue with the lack of toilet paper, except on the news and social networks

CSKA forward Mario Kempe said conducting quarantine after the completion of the season in the KHL.

“Anywhere from Russia I flew away. After all, the return will undergo a two week quarantine. This is not a problem for me. You need to be prepared to work and to keep in shape. Moscow is a great city, and I live comfortably here. The only thing my family is at home now, but we have phones. We talk on the phone on video.

We are all professionals and should be focused on the job. No one in the team is not panicking. I read the news and try to observe precautions. My hands. Don’t go outside unless absolutely necessary, for example, in the grocery store. Trying to keep your distance from other people, but without panic.

Read news about toilet paper. It’s pretty funny. But the shelves in the store she stands for, but in the news and social media, I have not seen a problem with her lack of”, — quotes the words of the camp, the press service of CSKA.


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