Kathleen Fortin, actress born

Kathleen Fortin, tragédienne née

Photo: Annik MH de Carufel – Le Devoir
Kathleen Fortin carries out a fantasy by playing three heroines to Root: Hermione, Atalide and Berenice. “I have a lot of trouble to leave it in the rehearsal room, I wear them constantly with me.”

Jam a fan of finite Root, lance loud and Kathleen Fortin. His verses are so meaningful, so tasty. In my opinion, his parts are perfect, they do not contain anything too much and they lack nothing. Since I played Hermione in Andromaque, in School, under the direction of Brigitte Haentjens, it is enough that I hear a few verses of the piece so that my body starts to vibrate.

In addition to his fifteen-year career, Kathleen Fortin is poised to play a Root on a professional scene for the first time. She will have the happiness to embody not one, but three heroines of the grand master of the classical tragedy. The show, which condenses Andromaque, Bajazet , and Berenice, called Love fatal. Produced by Omnibus, a company with which Fortin works for the first time, it is directed by Réal Bossé, Sylvie Moreau and Jean Asselin.

Preconceived ideas

It is a fantasy which comes true, “admits the actress. When John phoned me, I believed in it hardly. First because we went almost more Root, but also because I had to, so to say, made a cross on it, or at least put away in a little corner of my heart the hope to play it one day. I have beautiful to meto perceive him as a tragedian was born, I know very well that it is not to me that most of the directors think when the time comes to entrust to an actress for a role like that of Berenice. There are preconceived ideas that are not going away.

The actress admits that she first suffered before the cuts draconian made by Jean Asselin in order to present the three parts with the same interpreters in a single program of approximately 90 minutes. At the beginning, explains that sharing the stage with Pascal Contamine, Marie Lefebvre, and Gaétan Nadeau, it made me feel badly, very badly even. You can’t imagine the pain that it inflicts to sacrifice to such a beauty. But it was necessary that I get Ithink, and I did my mourning.

This, of course, are the historical references that have been cut off, for the benefit of the flamboyant amorous intrigues. To ensure that the action is still intelligible, that it loses nothing of the issues often policies that weigh on the shoulders of the lovers, Jean Asselin has created a narrator present in the three parts. It also happens, “says Fortin, that this character, played by Charles Prefontaine, becomes the confidant of some of the heroes. It acts so to say as an incarnation of the consciousness of the protagonists.

From prehistory to today

The three coins are mounted in a way that strong contrast, wished to establish the actress. Réal Bossé causes Andromache in prehistory, Sylvie Moreau removing Bajazet in a seraglio of the end of the XVIIecentury, and Jean Asselin portrays his Berenice in Italy today. Side design, one passes a square of land, six metres by six metres to a square of Persian carpet of five metres by five metres, and then to a square of marble, two meters by two meters. We use three states of mind and of body well different, animal the brain, the tragic melodramatic; three reports in the space also, the extent of the withholding, from the collective to the intimate. Note that the actors change on stage as the heart of a arena, as the stands of spectators will surround the playing area.

The least we can say is that Root is not approached here with reverence and blind that it was the habit of her reserve. Kathleen Fortin is explained elsewhere not this tendency, which is to climb up to the theatre of the Root of a valuable or intellectual, to susurrer worms, as she believes that it is necessary to bitein. The characters of the Root are not in the psychology, “she says. They are in action and feeling, they name everything explicitly. We need to trust in these words!

Three great women

In Andromache, Kathleen Fortin embodies Hermione. In Bajazet, it is Atalide. In Berenice, she holds the title role. These are three characters obsessive, devouring, admits that lends body and voice. They carry me in limit state, larger than life. Their lives are heart-wrenching; it’s the pain and the rage all the time. I have a lot of trouble to leave it in the rehearsal room, I wear them constantly with me.

Before leaving the actress, we cannot help but to ask him to compare the three large women that it is preparing to embody, one after the other. Hermione is a love full. It is a truck. Her love for Pyrrhus makes them jealous, possessive; it inspires in him a rage to live. There is a single scene, beautiful, where one has access to his vulnerability. Atalide, she is in the concern and in emergency situations, but also in the concealment of a continual of his love for Bajazet. Her hands are often the only ones to translate his disorder. Berenice, this is a nice mix of the two first. His love for Titus is more healthy, more eco-friendly. It is undeniably the most modern of the three.