Kasatkin in a Comedy video shared his recipe itself

Russian Daria Kasatkina posted a video with a comic recipe itself. It loads in the oven a tennis racket, towel, uniforms, balls and a piece of cardboard with the words “twiner” and “backhand jump” — the most famous of their attacks. Then reduced Kasatkina jumps out of the oven and begins to dance, first at its cover and then on the plate, which at the same time, Daria sits in full size.

If you cannot view the video, you can see the link

The pandemic coronavirus tennis season was suspended. It is assumed that it will not resume until August. While the organizers have already announced the postponement of the “Roland Garros” in September and the cancellation of Wimbledon. It is not yet known, will there be a US Open. Organizers are considering holding the tournament in another city and not in new York, where he is always. At the same time, it is not excluded that the tournament will be canceled altogether.

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