Karjakin has explained why Russian chess players are difficult to play in online tournaments

Russian grandmaster Sergey Karjakin shared his opinion about online tournaments which are held during a pandemic coronavirus. According to Karjakin, the Russians can be difficult to play them because of the time difference.

Recall that Karjakin has successfully overcome the group stage of the tournament in rapid chess Rapid Challenge Lindores Abbey. In the playoffs, the Russian grandmaster will play against compatriot Daniil Dubov.

“I think the Russians are not very comfortable, because the last game of the day game is already quite late in the evening. I get up early at 6:30 with the kids — didn’t sleep long. To play harder in the evening — beginning at 8 PM head works already worse, productivity falls.

Unlike other sports, we play full tournaments on the Internet, we do not need to go anywhere. Last year I was at home on the strength of one and a half months. Now I’m just happy to be home and has already exceeded the biennial limit of stay at home for the months of quarantine. I understand that many accounts very difficult, and we, players, really miss the regular tournaments, but should be content with what we have” — quoted by TASS in a row.

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