Kanunnikov: it is better to play 8 rounds without spectators than to end the season early

Midfielder “wings of the Soviets” Maxim Kanunnikov spoke about the possible termination of the current draw of RPL for eight rounds before the end.

“Because a pause there was a chance to still help the team in the end of the championship? I hope so. A chance to recover before the resumption of the season is really good. Left, so that the world won coronavirus. It may be harder. The championship of Russia will not play? I think this all has not come to that. Otherwise, many questions remain on the final results.

Of course, playing in front of empty stands – not the emotions. But if you choose to read the current result for the 22 rounds, or eight rounds to play without spectators, would prefer the second option. In the end, fans will be able to see the games on TV. And this will be met with a sports principle. Everyone will be on equal terms” — quoted by “Soviet sport” Kanunnikov.

After 22 rounds of “Wings of the Soviets” are on the 15th place in the relegation zone RPL.


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