“Kalashnikov” sued the factory for the manufacture of Golf clubs Zaripova

The arbitration court of Tatarstan has registered the claim of concern “Kalashnikov” to plant caddy “Charge”, one of the founders of which is the forward of “AK Bars” Danis Zaripov. The statement of claim was received at the court on 18 March, according to the court filing. The weapons company requires the company 500 thousand rubles.

Zaripov founded the “Charge” in August 2016, being the player Magnitogorsk “Metallurgist”. The company is engaged in the manufacture of Golf clubs from composite materials.

“Kalashnikov” sued the factory “Charge” in 2019. Then it was discovered that “Charge” sells hockey sticks under the symbols “AK 47” and “AK 12”. In the end, the dispute ended with the signing of the settlement agreement, under which the plant has to pay the plaintiff 100 thousand rubles for the period of non-contractual use of brands and another 100 thousand rubles for permission to use them before the end of 2019.


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