K. Ruutu: there was talk that the Europeans from the NHL will create your Association

Famous former Finnish striker Christian to Route, currently running a scout “Los Angeles kings”, spoke about the impact of the epidemic of the coronavirus in their work.

“I keep making lists of young players, and make recommendations based on the information that was collected previously. Talent search is like a marathon. Someone could be a bad match, but it should not affect the whole picture. Of course, anyone could have shot at the world championship, but such cases are rare. We are looking for player who would be the best for some years, and not one who is better at the moment.

At some point there was talk that players from Europe will create a Union of hockey players, but here the borders are closed. In addition, the NHL wants all the players were tested in the one place. What about the salary? We still get paid. The cost of clubs has decreased because there is no travel. But if the fall don’t start to play, layoffs are quite possible. So far, no one knows what is really going on”, — quotes the words of Ruutu Iltalehti.


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