Juventus vs Genoa | Date, time and channels to see live, online and on TV the date 30 of Series A

    Juventus vs Genoa | Date, time and channels to see live, online and on TV the date 30 of Series A

    Juventus had to forget early about the UEFA Champions League, after being eliminated by Porto in the round of 16. However, that opened the window to attempt a giant comeback in the A league, which unfortunately, seems to be more a chimera than a reality.

    This is because in the domestic tournament, Vecchia Signora is third with 59 points, 12 points behind Inter Milan, the only Calcio leader.. Apparently, those led by Andrea Pirlo will have to settle for fighting for Champions for next season.

    In the same way, they have beaten Napoli 2-1 in a very important match for the European claims of both clubs. The defeat managed to separate the Neapolitans from the Turinese, so the team led by Cristiano Ronaldo breathe easier at the top of the rankings.

    On the next date he faces Genoa, who remains in the middle of the table: 32 points places him in thirteenth place in Serie A.

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    Day and time: when do Juventus and Genoa play for date 30 of Serie A?

    Juventus and Genoa will play the Sunday, April 11 at 09:00 hours in Chile.

    Television: where to watch live on TV Juventus vs Genoa?

    The game will be broadcast on ESPN. Check your cable operator here:

    VTR: 48 (SD) (Stgo) – 843 (HD)
    DTV: 621 (SD) – 1620 (HD)
    ENTEL: 212 (HD)
    CLARO: 174 (SD) – 474 (HD)
    GTD/TELSUR: 84 (SD)
    MOVISTAR: 480 (SD) – 884 (HD)
    YOU SEE: 508 (SD)
    ZAPPING: 90 (HD)

    Online: where to watch the game via streaming?

    The online broadcast will be available at Zapping Y ESPN Play.

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