JTI-MacDonald is ranked in the shelter of his creditors

JTI MacDonald se place à l’abri de ses créanciers

Photo: Jonathan Hayward, The canadian Press
The company JTI MacDonald must pay up to 1.77 billion in compensation to Quebec who have suffered from smoking.

The cigarette manufacturer JTI-MacDonald announced Friday night that it was placed under the protection of the Act creditors arrangement companies, in the wake of the decision of the Quebec Court of appeal, which ordered him to pay up to 1.77 billion dollars in compensation to smokers and ex-smokers in quebec.

In a press release, the canadian company explained that, because of this “extraordinary decision” of the court, it had been necessary to request such protection ” in order to preserve 500 jobs to canadians and to continue its business operations as usual without interruption.”

She recalled that she was “fundamentally disagree” with the decision of the Court of appeal, adding that it would take all the measures necessary and desirable ” to defend its rights.

The company was keen to stress that it sensibilisait Canadians about the risks of smoking since the 1950s and that it was in compliance with always the regulations in quebec and canada on the tobacco trade.

Last week, the Court of appeal upheld the historic judgment of the superior Court of 2015, which had also ruled in favor of smokers and ex-smokers in quebec. At the time, cigarette manufacturers had to pay $ 15 billion in compensation.

The manufacturers of cigarettes canadian Imperial Tobacco, JTI-Macdonald and Rothmans-Benson Hedges had appealed the decision of the superior Court. They were ultimately unsuccessful.

This time, with the interests and the changes made by the Court of appeal, the tobacco companies must pay approximately $ 17 billion.

The two class actions had been filed on behalf of smokers or ex-smokers with emphysema, cancer of the lung, larynx or throat cancer, and in the name of those who are addicted to the nicotine contained in cigarettes. They were both a period from 1950 to 1998, the date that applications for authorization of collective actions have been filed by smokers.

The Court of appeal has spoken of omissions, misinformation and advertising strategies misleading on the part of manufacturers.

“Their failure is twofold : on the one hand, they have not provided information to the public or to users, or have provided inappropriate information ; on the other hand, they actively misinformed the public and the users by addressing various ways to the credibility of the warnings, advice and explanations given and disseminated by other [governments, medical corps, tobacco groups, etc] about the harm of cigarette smoking and using stratagems misleading advertising “, was it written in the judgement.