Joel Martel launches “A vinyl …” or not

Joel Martel launches “A vinyl”, but not really. The one who is known for his chronicles in the pages of The Daily, his music, and his tongue-in-cheek humor on social networks has just come out, with his acolytes whom he calls the Golden Nuggets, a minialbum exclusively digital.
The most insightful will have understood, the title of this second album produced in a few months is a play on words. He is referring to a question his fans often ask him.

“We are often asked by people who follow us:” when do you take out a vinyl? “. Our label has often started rumors that one came out. […] We decided, a little in joke like that, that the most triumphant was to announce that we released A vinyl, “explains the Almatois.

For this EP of five songs, he collaborated again with Pascal Beaulieu and Martin Lemay, his Gold Nuggets, “two guys who are very talented” and who give a more licked finish to all. Nevertheless, the signature of Martel remains recognizable on this short album.

“Music is one of the most important things in my life, but my approach makes it seem like I’m totally crazy about it,” says Joel Martel, adding that working with Pascal Beaulieu and Martin Lemay bring a better balance between the spontaneity of his creations and a more professional result.

If a vinyl comes out in the spring, it was recorded last summer. “I have a feeling that it seems that it was done in the summer. I have that feeling, listening to him. It’s about bugs, flies, snakes, creatures, “says the prolific Joel Martel, who is still working on songs.

Musically, the album is quite heteroclite, borrowing several styles without one being dominant. This result is explained by the creative process of jack-of-all trades, which goes where the inspiration leads, without imposing constraints.

“My songs are all a bit of accidents. I’ll tell you, you will not have an accident if you do not go on the highway. Me, I go every day on the highway and I push my “luck”. I have to run out of driver skill, because I have accidents every week, “says the singer-songwriter, who suffers less and less from the impostor syndrome when he goes on stage.

The sequel

A Vinyl Suite will be launched in May. “The songs are in the same spirit. They are on my dog ​​mainly, “says Joel Martel.

The one who describes himself as a music lover is already working on two other albums, which will be released at the end of the year.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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