Jeff Bezos remains the n°1 in the ranking of the largest fortunes in the world

Jeff Bezos reste n°1 au palmarès des plus grandes fortunes du monde

Photo: Cliff Owen, Associated Press
The fortune of Jeff Bezos, boss of Amazon, has again increased from $ 19 billion last year, reaching $ 131 billion.

No revolution in the ranking of the richest people in the world : the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, remains the number 1, ahead of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, while, far behind, which Donald Trump wins a few seats despite a wealth unchanged.

According to the annual ranking of Forbes, announced on Tuesday, the fortune of Mr. Bezos, 55 years old, who paid recently to the chronicle in announcing his divorce, has again increased from $ 19 billion last year, reaching $ 131 billion. The boss of Amazon, which holds some 16 % of the company and whose fortune is now often taken for target by the left wing of the us democratic Party, widened the gap with the number two, Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft became a philanthropist.

At 63 years old, Bill Gates saw his wealth increase more modestly, to $ 96.5 billion, compared with $ 90 billion last year. The third classification is the investor Warren Buffett, age 88, dean of the podium, even if its reputation of having the a nose for a good business has taken a blow with the sharp end of February, profits and share of the food giant Kraft, Heinz, on which he had wagered. Mr. Buffett saw his fortune fall by $ 1.5 billion, to 82.5 billion

It is behind this winning trio that changes begin : if the president of the French group LVMH, Bernard Arnault, the rest at the 4th place, the boss of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, falls from the 5th to the 8th rank after having “lost” nearly $ 9 billion. If he remains the youngest among the top ten, Mark Zuckerberg, a great deal of criticism in recent months with the proliferation of business not very bright for the social network, is to be found behind the telecom tycoon, the mexican Carlos Slim, spain’s Amancio Ortega, founder of Inditex and Zara, and the co-founder, american Oracle, Larry Ellison.

Trump is progressing

The estimate of the fortune of the us president, Donald Trump, is unchanged at $ 3.1 billion. Its nine skyscrapers new-york — including the famous Trump Tower on 5th Avenue — now represent nearly half, while its clubs and golf courses weigh in at $ 550 million.

While 994 people in the ranking of the last year have seen the valuation of their assets lower — a record, according to Forbes , the stability of the fortune of the us president allows him to rise to the 715e place (it was 766e last year). Its assets have, however, experienced contrasting trends. One of his golf clubs in Florida, the National Doral Miami, has been depreciated by $ 26 million, after having suffered declines in bookings due to its policy, according to Forbes.

The classification of the elect the richest americans, Mr. Trump has been dethroned in January by the new democratic governor of Illinois, J. B. Pritzker, heir to the Hyatt hotels, whose fortune is estimated at $ 3.2 billion.

A classification very american

With 14 representatives in the top 20, the Americans still dominate the world rankings, which brings together approximately 2100 billionaires, whose fortunes aggregate amounted to 8700 billion.

In Canada, David Thomson and his family, to the head of Thomson Reuters, occupy the 27th place with a fortune estimated at 32.5 billion. In quebec personalities, Lino Saputo occupies the 343e rank ($5.1 billion), Alain Bouchard the 568e ($3.7 billion), Jean Coutu the 962e ($2.4 billion), and Pierre Karl Péladeau the 1349e ($1.7 billion).

The youngest of the ranking is now Kylie Jenner, who at 21 years old, beating the record of Mark Zuckerberg became billionaire at age 23. The youngest of the clan Kardashian-Jenner, followed by 128 million fans on Instagram, mostly his fortune to his company of cosmetics Kylie Cosmetics, valued at $ 900 million.

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