Javier Pinola remembered the final between River and Boca for the Copa Libertadores 2018

    Javier Pinola remembered the final between River and Boca for the Copa Libertadores 2018


    Lautaro Toschi

    Years, decades and centuries will pass and River fans will talk about that final, the most important in history. December 9, 2018 marked a before and after in the history of South American football, never before had a Copa Libertadores been defined with a superclassic, probably the most important match in the world at club level, due to the rivalry that exists between both equipment. Javier Pinola was one of the privileged ones who played that meeting and in an interview granted to the River Monumental Specials that are broadcast from Monday to Friday at 11 p.m. on all the social networks of La Página Millonaria he referred to the consecrating party.

    Javier Pinola was 35 years old in December 2018, he was about to turn 36 and had played 120 minutes of a game full of tension. When the game died and River was already winning it 2 to 1, Armani rejected it, Juanfer missed the cue but enabled Pity who went to an empty goal and sealed the most important victory in the club’s history. Javier Pinola accompanied all that bullfight and told it this way: “It was right that Franco rejects and I see that Juanfer had stayed hand in hand with Olaza and I ran out because I saw the space and wanted to give him an option, I didn’t see the Pity who had left for the other side. Juanfer played it for the Pity side and then what we all saw, a tremendous run that ends the game at once”.

    “The shirt for the final against Boca is kept with the pants, the socks, the medal and I don’t know if I have the boots, I think not”, said the central marker who is recovering from an injury to his right arm and also added: “The final against Boca was very special, every moment lived is beautiful and important but obviously because of everything that surrounds it and signifies it is very special ”.

    Javier Pinola remembered the final between River and Boca for the Copa Libertadores 2018

    Maidana, Martínez Quarta and Pinola with the Cup in Madrid. (Photo: Getty).

    The eternal memory

    Every time there are special dates of the Cup, many memories pass, many things lived, moments between us that will be immortalized in the minds of each one.Both from the day the games were suspended, that month of difference there was a lot of tension, the head was on the definition, the trip and every month that they remind you, because all 9 remind you the same and every anniversary maybe new images or points of view from different cameras appear on the court and there you start to think and fall into reality, but those lapses are very short because you cannot stop at that and knowing that there are always more things to achieve”, Said Pinola to a pure winning mentality.

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