Ivo Fomin has a new song, video and concert series – Music

Ivo Fomin has a new song, video and concert series – Music

Singer and songwriter Ivo Fomins has introduced the audience to another song from his latest studio album “Man” – it is called “Day or Night”. Ivo has announced the dates and places of his concert series.

From the new album “Man, the listeners have already got acquainted with a number of good songs – now it’s the turn. “It was not easy to choose which of the songs on the new album to update, because it has several potential hits. After long discussions, we came to “Day or Night”, which is one of the most rhythmically active, as well as the most relevant in terms of the message of the song. The song is about people’s confusion and inability to make the right choices. This is also a time for the world to make choices, and such doubts often cause problems for fellow human beings, ”says Ivo Fomins.

To support and popularize the new album, Fomins is also going on a small tour, which will start with a concert on August 7 in Saldus, but the singer will also be seen on August 13 in Valmiera, August 14 in Alūksne, August 20 in Cēsis and August 21 in Jelgava. “I am glad that Ivo, despite the difficult situation and limitations, was not afraid to go on a concert tour, because that is where it is best to appreciate the power of the new songs. I also plan to take part in one of the concerts myself, because Ivo has made such a proposal. Then we will see!” Guntars Račs, co-author and publisher of the song “Day or Night”, says enigmatically.

It should be noted that the long-term members of the Ivo group Roberts Dinters (guitar), Kristaps Eihvalds (bass) and Ēriks Hanzovskis (drums) also took part in the recording of the album.

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