Is drinking a lot of fruit smoothies bad for your health?

    Is drinking a lot of fruit smoothies bad for your health?

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    I am 48 years old and I would like to know what you recommend, exercising without having breakfast or having something light before? (José Blas, reader)

    Both options are positive. If you are not used to exercising, I would tell you to do it whenever, at the time that suits you best and, therefore, allows you to maintain this new routine. Although there are differences in our performance throughout the day, they are minimal compared to doing nothing. So, if we are going to start with this process, this difference is not very noticeable.

    A few years ago it became very fashionable to do sports on an empty stomach because in this way it was thought that we would burn a greater amount of fat. All of this was based on a single physiological aspect: that with less circulating sugar in the body, it would probably draw on a greater amount of energy from fat.

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    Today we know that for weight loss it is not a strategy that involves notable changes. This type of training is usually recommended especially to people who want to get used to this physiological situation, either for sports performance reasons, or for clinical reasons.

    If to date you are used to always having breakfast, I would recommend that you at least eat something before starting your more active life plan. As you get more comfortable, you can expand that comfort zone.

    Is having a lot of fruit smoothies good or bad? (Anonymous)

    It will depend on the amounts we are ingesting. In general terms, we never talk about the need to restrict fruit rations to the general population. But it is true that in the form of a smoothie or juice it is not the best way to consume it. The healthiest is always whole and fresh fruit.

    In the case of juices or smoothies, we eliminate the fiber and the final result is only made up of the juice and free sugars that the fruit originally had.

    Is drinking a lot of fruit smoothies bad for your health?

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    At least, in the case of the shakes, since they are crushed, it is true that the pulp and a greater contribution of total fiber are preserved. However, and although technically there is no loss of nutrients, by making a smoothie we are eliminating the entire chewing process that we find with the whole fruit.

    Fruit juices and smoothies may be preferable alternatives to other drinks such as soft drinks or sugary drinks, but they should not be the predominant way of including fruit in our diet. We can include them in our diet from time to time, but without very often constituting our fruit ration.

    Can I eat any type of fruit at any time of the day without any negative consequences for my health? (Kiara Lucía Apaza, reader)

    There is no time when fruit is negative for our health. The only scenario in which the fruit could be considered as not so beneficial is in those intakes where it could be displacing other foods of interest.

    This supposed “excess” could occur if we are people who instead of making a normative lunch or dinner, we substitute it for only servings of fruit. In these scenarios we would stop introducing other food groups that can provide us with protein, healthy fats and, of course, also the presence of vegetables, which is essential.

    If our concern is merely hourly, as much as it is said on the Internet that fruit is not good at night, it really does not have any prejudice and it is simply a myth.

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