Investigators in the work, Boeing is eager to find solutions

Les enquêteurs à l’oeuvre, Boeing se hâte de trouver des solutions

Photo: Christophe Ena Associated Press
The flight recorders have been handed over to the French Bureau d’enquêtes et d’analyses (BEA), where they will be analyzed.

Even before they know the causes of the crash of the 737 MAX to Ethiopian Airlines, the american company Boeing is pressed to change the system latches of the aircraft, suspected to have played a role in the tragedy of the flight AND 302, and already involved in the drama of the company’s indonesian Lion Air at the end of October.

Boeing is expected to change in a period of ten days, the system of stabilization in flight is intended to avoid a stall of the aircraft, said “MCAS” (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System), shown with the finger in the crash of the 737 MAX 8 of Lion Air, which has been 189 deaths, said Friday to AFP, two sources close to the matter.

These sources have specified that this does clearly not of the causes of the accident of Ethiopian Airlines, which has made Sunday 157 dead.

The black boxes of the company ethiopian are currently decrypted and analyzed by the French investigators, near Paris, to attempt to elucidate the causes of the tragedy of which similarities with the crash of a Lion Air have led authorities around the world to be nailed to the ground the entire fleet of the 737 MAX.

The american company had begun to develop a solution for the MCAS after the crash of Lion Air, told AFP one of the sources. It would be ready, and the amendment would take about two hours per device, she added.

Contacted by AFP, Boeing did not wish to comment.

Presentation to clients

Boeing held a conference call Thursday with at least three client companies of the 737 MAX and presented them with the fix, said the second source. It should inform the other airline customers at the earliest next week, she continued.

Les enquêteurs à l’oeuvre, Boeing se hâte de trouver des solutions

Photo: French Bureau of inquiry and analysis
One of the black boxes of the 737 MAX Ethiopian Airlines is particularly damaged. But these recorders are designed to withstand extreme shocks.

The ethiopian delegation led by the chief of the investigation Bureau for accidents that arrived Friday at the French Bureau d’enquêtes et d’analyses (BEA) to begin the investigation process.

For the time being, nothing has filtered on the precious contents of the two black boxes, which have been damaged during the impact with the ground. The a (Flight Data Recorder, FDR) contains all parameters of the flight ; the other (CVR, Cockpit Voice Recorder), the conversations and alarms in the cockpit.

In total, ten people from the BEA are used. The work on the FDR could last until Saturday, wrote on Twitter the BEA, located near Paris and well known for its expertise in the investigation of aircraft accidents.

He has been sought by the ethiopian authorities leading the investigation into the accident, because they are not equipped to examine these boxes.

Manufactured by the american L3 technologies, it is based on a new technology, as the aircraft they are fitted to.

The photo released by the BEA on Twitter shows a FDR particularly damaged. But these recorders are designed to withstand extreme shocks. So it “does not hint the integrity of the data they contain,” explained a former head of the BEA.