Integration and social work through music: Uncertain future for youth project – Lahr

Integration and social work through music: Uncertain future for youth project – Lahr

The two youngsters were allowed to perform in front of an audience at the Freiburg Tent Music Festival. They had success with their performance. After the concert, the two were touched by the applause. It is certain that the Jugend-Musik-Werk made this success possible with the special offer. Both young people found support in the rehearsal rooms in Lahr through their own music and found a new goal outside of the penal code.

The other side of the coin: in the midst of a number of electric guitars, percussion, keyboards, cables and insulated walls, Khan declared that the future of this location would not be safe. The entire building in the middle of the time area is said to have a basement. The Jugend-Musik-Werk partially developed half of the cellar on its own to what it is today.

It is uncertain whether the other part of the basement would be sufficient for a planned underground car park or whether the young people will have to look for another domicile. Khan was optimistic about the situation during Bose’s visit: “There aren’t even any plans yet.” An end to the commitment here, given the currently ideal conditions, is also possible relatively quickly. One consolation: Conversely, there would already be many offers from supporters. Any cellar or shed would certainly be found, as the commitment is appreciated by many. The commitment to help young people with music to integrate or other problems has existed in Lahr since 1996. The Jugend-Musik-Werk as a registered association has existed since 2013.

Sandra Boser has been State Secretary in the Stuttgart Ministry for Culture, Youth and Sport for a few weeks. The Greens has been a member of the state parliament for the Lahr constituency since 2011. On the agenda during the visit to Lahr, in addition to the youth music plant, was the pandemic. It was discussed how things will go on in kindergartens and schools after the summer holidays. On the part of the city, Mayor Ibert presented the challenges posed by the pandemic and how the situation is in the areas for which the Ministry of Culture is responsible.


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