Infected with coronavirus player “Neman”: the virus has greatly influenced my opinion about Belarus

Defender of the Belarusian “Neman” Valtteri Hietanen said, as contracted in Belarus coronavirus. Previously, the club was an outbreak COVID-19, ill of 23 teams.

“The four of us returned to Finland from Belarus on April 13. The three of us were checked in Helsinki upon arrival, and it was later revealed that each had discovered coronavirus. Probably, this virus was and fourth, because we were in the same company.

We neither one had symptoms on arrival. I had flu symptoms and headaches a week before our return to Finland, but the temperature was not. It was amazing when it turned out that we have the coronavirus. But luckily now all is well. I’m on home quarantine and will stay there for a few days.

The opinion of Lukashenko about the coronavirus? In Belarus a very different attitude to infection than in many other countries. There is controversy over whether it was a good decision or not — close all to quarantine. I had a strange and contradictory feeling: in Finland and other countries, playgrounds, recreational facilities, and borders began to close, whereas our hockey season was in full swing.

As for my stay in Belarus, I initially didn’t have high expectations from him. Was ready to not very high level opponents. But, I think, had a good time in Grodno. The injury changed the plans a bit, but I managed to avoid close contact on the ice, sitting in the hall. Of course, the coronavirus has greatly influenced my opinion of Belarus”, — quotes the words Hietanen with reference to

The first positive tests for COVID-19 were returned home Finns Valtteri Hietanen, Joonas of a Hurry Themselves Jekunen and Timo Hiltunen, tests which took another 13 of April at Helsinki airport. Later it became known that the coronavirus and got to the core team — sick team forward Nikita Bastrykin and goalkeeper Viktor Moyseenko.

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