“In-Ward”: alone among the other

«In-Ward»: seul parmi les autres

Photo: In-Ward
“In-Ward” is given by six dancers to the physical commitment, without flaw and without half-measure.

Pulling multiple dynamic curves of the famous line of Sartre’s hell is other people, the choreographer Alexandra “Spicey” Landé focuses on the tensions between individuality and community. Play at steady pace, because devoid of scenes, In-Ward is carried by six dancers to the physical commitment, without flaw and without half-measure.

One enters the space on the same floor as the performers, all dressed in white hoodies on the back, already in motion on the tracks that are linked together. The atmosphere is raised, the dance is unfolding on three fronts. Isolated to the four corners of the exhibition hall of the MAY, the six individuals will take full advantage of the architecture of the space. Four columns will become the pillars to come in and take support and sometimes hide. In the centre, a bench acts as a rallying point.

Caught up to the heart of the space, the body is caught up in a melee, booed, shoved, tiraillant and propelling brutally. In the closed broke, melting into a community where each one will stack above and where burst into the inevitable clashes — also seems to be torturing that of banging on the wall of his own solitude.

A palette of sensations

The garment becomes a tool to transfigure these bodies of the common and distort appearances. It allows you to convey the image of a unison of spectra, which can little by little get rid of their prison of fabric.

Boarded by the races of the collective, some dancers find themselves parachuted a few inches of the spectators. This proximity allows us to observe the amplitude of body states fully engaging the facial expressions and looks. Because if the piece makes beautiful use of a rich vocabulary from hip-hop, it is to go beyond the simple demonstration virtuoso and engage in explorations embodied.

In a back-and-forth between solos nervous systems survoltés and join in the osmosis palpable, and the choreography explores a range of sensations : tightness, drawn and quartered, elasticity, fluidity, anchor of the most solid and imbalance staggering. This, at the risk of eventually dispersing. We will, however, affect the length of beautiful finds, including a rap to the sounds of rhyme, which turns into a cry of rage or a game of cat and mouse that acts as a call to air.

Work of an artist to follow, with interest, In-Ward creates a nice surprise at the beginning of the season.


Choreography by Alexandra “Spicey” Landé (ebnflōh) with Ja James Britton Johnson, Christina Paquette, Nindy Pierre-Louis, Elie-Anne Ross, Mukoma-K. Nshinga, Jaleesa Coligny. Until 20 January at the Montréal, arts interculturels.