In the theatre, Maxim Brillon projects in the future

Au théâtre, Maxime Brillon se projette dans l’avenir

Photo: Valérian Mazataud The Duty
“The eight characters represent the different aspects of my personality, the various energies that dwell in me”, explains Maxime Brillon, the author of the piece.

“It is a play about adolescence,” says Maxime Brillon, a period of rough, where everything is more or less crude, but which, fortunately, we survive almost all. It is a drama, but tinged with optimism, for those who get to the top. “After having taken part in the Festival Ever Read, in the event You are here, at the OFFTA and the ZURICH Festival, the young man, a musician, at times, avid video game enthusiast of literature without a label, finally passes from the laboratory to the production in good and due form, while Justin Laramée brings to the stage at the Stables We will wax our guns digital in a sweatshop Portuguese, his first piece, written four years ago.

After primary school in France, a return to Gatineau for the secondary and cégep, and then a visit to the University of Montreal in screenwriting and creative writing, Maxime Brillon follows in 2016 a training in theatre interpretation at College Lionel-Groulx. “I’m the sum of it all, he says, but I am free, no strings attached. That said, I am beginning to make roots, a concept that worried me for a long time, because I thought that it was synonymous with nationalism and communitarianism, and with whom I am reconciled by reading The roots, by Simone Weil. She explains that a person is uprooted will uproot others, or fall asleep. While a person grounded, actually, will not feel the need to uproot the other. “

Everything will not be clear

Referring to Olivier Cadiot or Nathalie Quintane, focusing on the rhythm of the words and thinking, venerating the zeugmes and syncopation, figures of style, and the convolutions of the mind, intermixing cheerfully in French and English, the author — who has two other texts not classifiable as to its assets, Big Mack and tertuliaNebula — admits he finds quite a few his or her account in the theatre as it is practiced currently in Quebec : “In my opinion, it is not important that the viewer know immediately who’s talking, to say what and for what purpose. Do not give in to these imperatives, it does not mean that we are doing a theater elitist or intellectual. We can very well appreciate something that we don’t understand. It is simply to accept that everything is not clear. “

I have to say that I prefer to invent something imperfect rather than renew the past

— Maxime Brillon

To address our time hypermédiatisée, a world in which focus on the speed and the advances in technology, but especially to do so from the inside, grateful to be part of the system by using jargon, by deploying its references, Maxime Brillon explains, having long worked on the form of his play : “I experimented a lot before putting your finger on a structure that corresponds to the subject, which may serve, that it be specific. I have to say that I prefer to invent something imperfect rather than extend the past. It seems to me useless to speak of new realities using old methods. “

A “jump” wrong ” landé “

That said, the piece, as its outside technology and with a tone futurist, discusses topics that are eternal : the family, parenting, education, love and friendship. The action takes place in the suburbs, in a future not so far away. Paulo, 15 years, understands that it has been adopted in discovering them on YouTube an old video in which his father, then a follower of parkour, loses its ” two balls while doing a jump wrong, “landé””. That is the starting point of a series of adventures for the less adventurous, adventures worn by a dark humor, a bit cynical, but that hope is never completely free.

“The eight characters represent the different aspects of my personality, the various energies that dwell in me,” says the one who will be present on stage to try to control its history and its protagonists, a feature that Justin Laramée has held that the author occupies. To defend this universe that evokes the cinema of the Coen brothers, and the first novels by Réjean Ducharme, will on Marjorie Gauvin, Marie-Ève Groulx, Karlo Vince Marra, Lise Martin, Louis-Olivier Mauffette and Joakim Robillard. It also promises that each night a guest of mystery.

But what is it’s title ? “I see the title of the piece as the answer to a question, explained by the author. If you ask me what we will do in 15 years, I will answer you : “We will go to wax our guns digital in a sweatshop Portuguese.” To be more precise, I would add that the title is an assembly of all the scenes, an exquisite corpse, which summarizes all while reflecting the wealth of ideas that are moving around. Some clameront certainly that I have trouble to focus my attention on a few elements only. My taste for the multiplicity and the speed may be a default, but I believe that it is also a quality. I do not believe that this is generational. I would rather say that it is a matter of temperament. “

We will wax our guns digital in a sweatshop Portuguese

Text : Maxime Brillon. Directed by : Justin Laramée. A production of the Collective of Canons digital in collaboration with Sheet metal. From the Stables of the 26 February to 16 march.