In the “Locomotive” tied the rumors about Kokorin with spring exacerbation “separate friends”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Moscow “Locomotive” Anatoly Mescheryakov commented on the agreement between the club and striker “Sochi” Alexander Kokorin, whose rights belong to “Zenith”.

“I want to comment on and talk about Kokorin, and rumors of the Italians, who write that we have decided to let go of Mario.

Now spring, have individual comrades begins aggravation: visions, sounds, voices in the head. Some opened chakras, and with them talking cosmic mind speaking some truth. Friends, let us be attentive to their own health.

All refer to a meeting of the Board of Directors. But yesterday it was not in the next two to three weeks is also not planned,” said Meshcheryakov in conversation with the correspondent of “Championship” Arina Laurel.


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