In the Epic Games Store free give game World War Z and two more games

В Epic Games Store бесплатно отдают шутер World War Z и ещё две игры

Total savings, about two thousand rubles.

The store Epic Games temporarily free has become a co-op shooter World War Z. One of the key features of the game — the procedural behavior of the hordes of zombies, which adds unpredictability to each mission.

In World War Z the story is divided into several episodes. Events each of them takes place in different locations including Russia, Japan, Israel and the United States. The team of four players must perform a number of tasks, but have to first overcome the wave of risen dead.

Also, the store is free to pick up a Figment of adventure in which the player will learn the unique world, full of music and humor.

Finally, the third free game brutal top-down shooter X Punisher Tormentor. The goal is to survive and score maximum points.

Usually World War Z is worth 1 199 rubles, Figment — 419, Punisher and Tormentor X — 189. The distribution will last until April 2, then free would be the dark adventure game Gone Home and action adventure Hob.

Pick up World War Z in EGS→

Take a Figment in EGS→

To take the Tormentor X Punisher in EGS→

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