In a world technocentrique

Dans un monde technocentrique

Photo: Cinnamon Wiechert
The lights shining from Hubert Leduc-Villeneuve immerse the viewer in a virtual game.

The title of the first piece signed Maxime Brillon announced a universe rather imaginative and idiosyncratic. And it is relatively well served, on this plan, with the creation of We will wax our guns digital in a sweatshop Portuguese to the Stables. As the master of ceremony of this story broke out, which ended in the circus, the author accompanies him-even his work on stage, setting out the stage directions and directing sometimes his characters.

Reproducing the energy, the excess emotional, the actions impulsive adolescence, the play revolves around the identity quest of Paulo (Karlo Vince Marra), which learns, thanks to an old video on the Internet, that his father may not have spawned. The project of an expedition to find the latter in the United States, with the friends of Paulo and a few parents, in their wake, turns quickly, however, short. Just like the original theme ends by losing a few in a profusion theme. How to raise his children “in a Twenty-first century technocentrique” ? How to be yourself in a world of binary and square, defined by the algorithms, categorization and polarization, without nuance ? How to connect truly with others ?

But this is a text where the form hits more than the narrative, rather loose and multi-directional, where the sound, the cadence of the language sometimes take the not on the content of the exchanges themselves. Camped in a ” near future “, the show reflects the ubiquity of technology in our lives — the next, but also current. It captures the speed, simultaneous actions. The dialogues between the characters of teens marry sometimes at a breathtaking pace and overlap.

As if we dipped occasionally in a virtual game, the show manages to suggest this environment techno immersive, despite the limits of production low-tech. Mostly thanks to the essential contribution of the lights shining designed by Hubert Leduc-Villeneuve.

To put the world We’ll go shining our guns, digital, Justin Laramée in embrace completely the playfulness. His staging, which is not stingy in terms of inventiveness, making colors almost bédéesques, with the characters very camped, and displays a joyful freedom with theatrical conventions. A tone in which the distribution (as Marjorie Gauvin, Marie-Ève Groulx, Joakim Robillard, Lise Martin and Louis-Olivier Mauffette, hilarious) fit with obvious pleasure. And, my faith, quite contagious.

We will wax our guns digital in a sweatshop Portuguese

Text : Maxime Brillon. Directed by : Justin Laramée. A production of the Collective of Canons digital in collaboration with Sheet metal. The Stables until 16 march.