Immigration: Quebec will give priority to those who are already in Quebec

Immigration: Québec donnera priorité à ceux qui sont déjà au Québec

Photo: Ryan Remiorz, The canadian Press
The prime minister François Legault reiterated the willingness of his government to treat as a priority in the system Arrima the records of immigrants already established in Quebec.

The government Legault is committed Thursday to give a special treatment to the files of applicants who already live in Quebec among the 18 000 that had been cancelled. These people will be invited before others to apply for in the new immigration system Arrima, promises-on.

“The 3700 can be prioritized, once our bill has been adopted,” explained the prime minister Legault to the output of the question period Thursday. “We want to focus on the people who match the needs of the labour market. “

In practical terms, this means that they will be the first to receive an invitation in the framework of the system of declaration of interest Arrima.

This new system takes the form of a bank of candidates online. People can register for free. The department then launches invitations and the people in the bank can then formally submit their folder if they are interested.

To date, more than 91 000 people have already registered their name, but for now, no invitation has been launched. This will be done only when the draft law 9 (immigration reform) will be adopted, likely in June.

Among the 18 000 records, the 3700 candidates living in Quebec may be submitted prior to the other, provided, however, that they are already enrolled in Arrima, a-t-stressed on Thursday the cabinet of the minister Simon Jolin-Barrette.


The idea of giving priority to these people is not new and the government had already talked to since the presentation of the bill. However, it has made a formal commitment on Thursday, stressing that it accepted a recommendation of the ombudsperson, Mary Rinfret, made the previous day by the parliamentary commission.

The government has however retained only a part of the proposal of Ms. Rinfret, since the latter argued for treating these folders now, as expected in the old system, rather than wait until after the adoption of the draft law.

“There is a lot of insecurity,” she said. “They will not be toggled automatically in Arrima. […] Suddenly, they find themselves in a vacuum and don’t have the time just because the situation is changing. “

However, the prime minister, François Legault, has argued on Thursday that this was not possible. His government has not withheld, for the moment, the suggestion to repay the French-language tests (about $ 500) made in the past by these candidates (these tests fall due after two years).

The cabinet of the minister Jolin-Barrette, said, however, that it is not excluded, and that it is currently looking to prevent these people should do the same steps a second time.

The prime minister also said it was open to the suggestion of Ms. Rinfret send to the candidates of the 14 300 other folders always to the outside of Québec a written message, containing an apology and the grounds for the cancellation of their folder.

However, it would not be excuses to be in good and due form on the part of his government, but ” for the liberal government which has created wait times are too long “, he answered a question in English.


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