“I’m sorry and thank you.” Fourcade Simon turned to his brother Martin, retired

French biathlete Simon Fourcade turned to his younger brother Martin, who last week ended his career.

“You know what you watched then in Vancouver. Know that because of my pride that time was for you not as joyful as he could be. I saw passes me little brother, and couldn’t accept.

Then I couldn’t imagine what a champion you become, and when after two years in the wax cabin in Ruhpolding, thanks to a few words, you let me win my only individual medal at the world Championships, I knew our rivalry in sport will never become more important than brotherly relationship.

Thank you for everything you’ve given me, our family, our team, our discipline and sports in General. Today I’m not selfish, as it was in Vancouver. But it was the beginning of your way.

Sorry and thanks,” wrote Simon Fourcade.

Post available in instagram Simon Fourcade.

Martin is a five — time Olympic champion, two-time silver medalist, 13-time world champion, seven-time world Cup winner in the overall standings since the season 2011/2012 for the season 2017/2018, multiple champion of France.

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